Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções S.A. signed, in a consortium, an EPC (“Engineering, Procurement and Construction”) contract with Cabo Verde Airports, S.A. – entity created by Vinci and in which ANA participates -, to carry out the improvement works at Amílcar Cabral Airport (Sal Island), Nelson Mandela Airport (Santiago Island), Cesária Évora Airport (São Vicente Island), Aristides Pereira Airport (Boavista Island ) and the Aerodromes Preguiça (Island of São Nicolau), Maio (Island of Maio) and São Filipe (Island of Fogo).

The consortium, led by Teixeira Duarte, has Alves Ribeiro S.A. as a partner, having agreed a contract for the value of 70.7 million Euros and with an execution period of 24 months. It is expected that, after the development of the Execution Project and its approval, the works will start in January 2024.

The concession contract that Cabo Verde Airports, S.A. signed with the Cape Verdean state in July 2022 and from which the EPC contract now signed, also includes other phases of modernization and expansion to be carried out subsequently, with a total investment of 928 million Euros expected over the next 40 years.