Teixeira Duarte leads the ranking of brands with the best reputation in the Engineering and Construction sector

Teixeira Duarte was recognized as the number 1 brand in the Engineering and Construction sector according to RepScore™, an annual study on Relevance and Emotional Reputation of brands in Portugal.

Promoted by the consultancy OnStrategy, this study evaluates the positioning and emotional and rational levels of reputation associated with more than 2,000 brands. The assessment is based on fieldwork that takes place throughout the year with more than 50,000 citizens, 5,000 businesspeople and 800 journalists, and is carried out in accordance with the standards ISO20671 (strategy and strength assessment) and ISO10668 (financial assessment).

The methodology is based on a qualitative approach with regard to Brand Positioning, identifying and exploring all the values ​​and attributes mentioned spontaneously, and a quantitative approach for Brand Reputation, indicating and exploring in an induced way notoriety, emotional reputation ( relevance, consideration, trust, admiration, preference, recommendation), rational reputation (products, services, innovation, work environment, citizenship, environment, government, leadership, business and financial performance) and the behaviors resulting from reputational perception.

Teixeira Duarte thanks everyone who contributes daily to ensuring that its brand, which is over 100 years old, remains relevant and worthy of the market’s trust, allowing it to continue to “Do, contributing to the construction of a better world!”.

Teixeira Duarte receives a technical visit dedicated to the REV@CONSTRUCTION Mobilizing Project

On November 27th, Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. hosted the technical visit dedicated to verifying the tools, procedures and methodologies developed within the scope of the Mobilizing Project “Digital Construction Revolution – REV@CONSTRUCTION”. The initiative brought together around 40 participants, including the project’s Juries and ANI’s technical manager, with representatives from the consortium entities sharing practical examples and valuable insights into how the tools and methodologies developed directly contribute to increasing productivity and competitiveness. in the AEC sector.

The REV@CONSTRUCTION Mobilizing Project, led and co-promoted by Teixeira Duarte, brought together 20 public and private entities in the AEC sector with recognized and complementary technical-scientific knowledge who, over 3 years, developed several digital tools based on a methodological approach consistent with a strong connection to the industry, capable of guaranteeing the adequate specification of problems and innovation oriented to real needs. For more information about the Project’s developments, watch the Tech3 program produced by RTP3.

Project built by Teixeira Duarte wins Real Estate awards

The Villa Unika Development, located in Cascais, was distinguished with 2 awards in the most recent edition of the Real Estate Awards: the award for best housing development and the sustainability award in terms of sustainable construction and architecture.

Villa Unika comprises 16 apartments ranging from T3 to T6 Duplex, equipped with reference brands and excellent finishes, which include private parking and storage rooms, generous terraces and balconies. The resort’s leisure areas offer an infinity pool facing the sea, a spa with sauna, Turkish bath, indoor pool and gym.

Promoted by OCM Capital Partners, Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. was responsible for executing the construction contract for the project that took place between 2020 and 2023.

This was the 5th edition of the Real Estate Awards, an initiative organized by SIC Notícias and Semanário Expresso.

Eng. Pedro Teixeira Duarte

On November 1st, 2023 – All Saints’ Day – Mr. Pedro Pereira Coutinho Teixeira Duarte died, a fact that leaves the Company and each of the many who were touched – directly and indirectly – by him in mourning.

But he also leaves the saudade (missing) and – with it – the desire to do more and better, inspired by his journey.

He left at the age of 105 and with more than 105 descendants. A family man, a Gentleman in and for the Company and all those who worked in it. A unique figure as a person, as an engineer, as a professional, as a leader and as a businessman.

Born on August 24th, 1918, in Lourinhã, Pedro Pereira Coutinho Teixeira Duarte was the second of three brothers born to Engineer Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte, who was responsible for the beginning of Teixeira Duarte’s activity in 1921.

Engineering was in the blood and the Company was almost a little sister.



Thus, and after a childhood and youth lived in Lisbon, he graduated in Civil Engineering, from Instituto Superior Técnico, in 1946, being a Specialist Engineer in Geotechnics, a title granted by Ordem dos Engenheiros (Engineering Council).



With this training, which was also linked to the genesis and activity of the company – which at that time was called “Empresa de Sondagens e Fundações Teixeira Duarte, Lda.” – Eng. Pedro Teixeira Duarte held several positions in the operational structures of Teixeira Duarte, from Director of Drilling Works, to Director of Works and collaborator in Studies and Projects in the area of Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering, to Director of the Drilling Sector and later Director of the Machinery and Equipment Park and Workshop.



With the death of his father in 1959, he assumed the position of Manager and General Director of the Company, which he would hold until 1987, when Teixeira Duarte became Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A., having Eng. Pedro Teixeira Duarte become Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2008, when at the age of 90, he ceased to hold any management or operational function in the Company’s structures.



Simultaneously and also until that time, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the family’s company, of which the family maintained the central core shareholders of the Company since its constitution until the present day, including since the listing in 1998.



Since 1987, his son Pedro Maria Calainho Teixeira Duarte has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company, having succeeded him as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company and the Group in 2008, a position that is currently held by Manuel Maria Teixeira Duarte since October 8th, 2021.

During his years of leadership, he bet, promoted and encouraged several colleagues who worked with him for decades at the top of the Company and the Group, namely Eng. Silvério Antunes Coelho, Eng. Marques Dionísio and Dr. Manuel Ferreira.



God had, from the beginning and until the end, a very relevant role in his life and way of living it, as well as in his business posture, having even been president of the Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers (ACEGE) in a troubled period of the post-April 25, assuming with courage and determination the paths that he believed to be the right ones regardless of the circumstances.



He always wanted the Company to have an impactful relationship with “others” and to be a partner in its area of expertise for the way it collaborated with public entities in relevant projects and studies – including the exceptional cooperation relationship with the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering – as well as promoting the study and teaching of these topics, holding several cycles of lessons and conferences on matters of Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering, for the connections he always maintained with Ordem dos Engenheiros (Engineering Association), and also for the way, in which in his activity, he dealt with customers, suppliers, employees and competitors, having been part of associations in the construction sector from a very early age – Teixeira Duarte continues to be a member of AICCOPN.



Notwithstanding and despite the enormous growth that the Company has had and the economic Group born from its engineering genesis – today with 9,500 employees, in 22 countries, operating in 6 different sectors – he always maintained a discreet, focused and follow-up posture of the Company’s issues, and until the end of his life he was participating in the events commemorating the life of Teixeira Duarte.



He also marked the Company by living throughout decades those which are its values: Ingenuity, Truth and Commitment and allowed many to continue to do so today, contributing to the construction of a better world: Teixeira Duarte’s mission.



In 2006, he was awarded the rank of Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator by the President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio.



Without prejudice to this recognition by the highest figure of the Portuguese State, Engineer Pedro Teixeira Duarte leaves strong marks on several generations:

As a Person, what we hear most is that he was very human, a family man, honest, empathetic, highly educated and highly reserved, he was a serene, attentive, humble and available man;



As an Engineer, he was recognized for his passion for science, the application of science to practice; ingenuity, creativity, innovation and the taste for seeing these characteristics in others, giving them opportunities for such creation and novelty;



As a Professional, his behaviour led by truth, rigour, attention to listening to colleagues, humility, willingness to learn, without fear of delegating to those he recognized as capable, without ever shirking responsibility; he was also very available and a perfectionist;



As a Leader, he led by example and humility, fostering admiration and respect of all and, in this way, a confidence and willingness to join him in the designs he took on and in the challenges he led and made others lead Teixeira Duarte to;



As an Entrepreneur, he was a man of his word, of commitment, with a sense of mission, who wanted an ethical company, focused on the persons, the employability and the sense of the collective above the individual.




These are some of the piles with which he set the foundations of his Family, his profession, his leadership, the company, building exceptional relationships of enormous respect, esteem, gratitude, empathy, admiration, inspiration and, above all, humanity and professionalism, which together with his exceptional longevity made him a unique figure in national engineering and, above all, to all of us, the pride of being able to call him “our” President and, also in this way, to make him present and thus, together, continue to contribute to the construction of a better Teixeira Duarte!



Thank you, Engineer Pedro Teixeira Duarte!

Teixeira Duarte carries out a contract for the expansion of Clínica Sagrada Esperança, in Luanda

Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções S.A. will carry out, under an EPC (“Engineering, Procurement and Construction”) regime, the work to expand the current hospital infrastructure of Clínica Sagrada Esperança on the Island of Luanda, in Angola. The contract, whose start is scheduled for the last quarter of 2023, has an execution period of 32 months. The project involves the construction of various infrastructures, including a new hospital building adjacent to the existing facilities, which will be able to accommodate up to 140 beds, 5 operating theaters and other specialized areas, such as intensive care units, laboratory and emergency department.

The project also includes the construction of a parking building with 451 spaces for customers and employees, 24 residences for doctors, support areas (such as a cafeteria and kitchen), a technical area and a wastewater treatment plant with the capacity to serve the entire the hospital complex and existing housing in the area surrounding the Clinic.

The knowledge acquired by Teixeira Duarte in the long relationship it maintains with Clínica Sagrada Esperança was fundamental for the development of the functional plan and consequent design of the project, and will be essential to guarantee that the regular operations of the Clinic’s existing facilities are not impaired during execution. of this new venture.