Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. leads the consortium that will execute the contract to improve the Port of Ponta Delgada to enable the simultaneous operation of three container ships between 100 and 120 metres (LOA), as well as to fit this new front quay with a Ro-Ro ramp for vessels of this type, thus reducing the number of container movement and transport, loading and unloading cycles. The contract, with an estimated duration of 36 months, was awarded to the consortium by Portos dos Açores, S.A. for an amount of 38,690,000.00 euros.

The improvement work aims to increase the area of the embankment by around 68%, to make 17,000 square metres available, and also includes the construction of a new Port Operations building and its respective cafeteria, as well as the construction and installation of infrastructure and technical networks to support port operations, the refurbishment of access roads and the creation of a new entrance, including the installation of a new truck weighbridge.

All current facilities will remain in operation and pedestrian and road access must be guaranteed during the execution of the project.