Detalhes do Projeto


Owner: Instituto Autónomo do Aeroporto Internacional de Maiquetía
Site: Maiquetía – Caracas – Venezuela
Conclusion year: 2005


Total building area    26 388  m2

Concrete     5 350  m3

Roads of steel     496  ton

Sheathing    29 520  m2

Profiled Steel     4 380  ton

Façades lining     26 020  m2

Pavement in natural granite

reinforced with concrete      14 900  m2

Double ceilings     23 200  m2

Lifts    2  un

Air conditioning system     200  ton

– Enlargement of the International Terminal and remodelling of the adjacent areas;

– Demolition of the existing structures and dismantling of adjacent areas in order to adapt them to new functionalities and respective finishing works;

– Construction of a mixed structure, in reinforced concrete at the infrastructure level and metallic structure at the superstructure level, with concrete slabs on galvanized structural steel blades;

– Electrical, sanitary, alarm, detection and fire extinguishing installations;

– Masonry finishing works;

– Pavements in natural granite with polish and finishing with a shining product;

– Pavement lining in vinyl, 4 mm thick;

– Outer lining of the roof with Luvitec 200 panels in Zintro Alum, az-50 cal. 24;

– Electrical and mechanical installations (air conditioning, escalators, roller conveyors and lifts);

– Stainless steel elements (Frames, Doors and Balconies);

– Outer lining with 6 mm thick Alucobond and windows with an aluminium structure and 10 mm laminated glass;

– Inner lining of walls with 4 mm Alucobond and Multiclad 400f system aluminium panels from Hunter Douglas;

– Hunter Douglas double ceiling, Cell T 15, 300c Curved and 150C ty.