This December, the “OMICRON” project was approved, with the aim to develop innovative solutions for the maintenance and regeneration of road infrastructures, using more automated and optimized solutions using robotized technologies and intelligent decision support tools.

“OMICRON” is a European project funded by Horizon 2020, lasting 42 months, in which Teixeira Duarte Engenharia e Construções participates with 15 other partners from 7 European countries. Teixeira Duarte is in charge of coordinating the main demonstrator of the project that intends to develop modular solutions for the realization of overpasses on freeways (for situations of widening, new passages and replacement of existing ones), in a fast, safe and sustainable way. The Portuguese team also includes the company Armando Rito and BRISA, which will participate as an interested party, providing access, signage and security during testes to be performed on the demonstrator. The funding allocated is 100% non-refundable, having been allocated to Teixeira Duarte EUR 268,500.00.