Teixeira Duarte was recognized as the number 1 brand in the Engineering and Construction sector according to RepScore™, an annual study on Relevance and Emotional Reputation of brands in Portugal.

Promoted by the consultancy OnStrategy, this study evaluates the positioning and emotional and rational levels of reputation associated with more than 2,000 brands. The assessment is based on fieldwork that takes place throughout the year with more than 50,000 citizens, 5,000 businesspeople and 800 journalists, and is carried out in accordance with the standards ISO20671 (strategy and strength assessment) and ISO10668 (financial assessment).

The methodology is based on a qualitative approach with regard to Brand Positioning, identifying and exploring all the values ​​and attributes mentioned spontaneously, and a quantitative approach for Brand Reputation, indicating and exploring in an induced way notoriety, emotional reputation ( relevance, consideration, trust, admiration, preference, recommendation), rational reputation (products, services, innovation, work environment, citizenship, environment, government, leadership, business and financial performance) and the behaviors resulting from reputational perception.

Teixeira Duarte thanks everyone who contributes daily to ensuring that its brand, which is over 100 years old, remains relevant and worthy of the market’s trust, allowing it to continue to “Do, contributing to the construction of a better world!”.