Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. won the bid for the recovery of the parts removed during restoration of the Hercilio Luz Bridge, in Florianopolis.

With this recovery, it will be possible to refurbish approximately 530 small bridges within the State of Santa Catarina. The parts are suitable for use in local projects undertaken by Teixeira Duarte and shall be supplied to their respective municipalities. These, in turn, shall greenlight the refurbishment processes – which involve replacing old cross bridges and gutters that are currently in bad condition.

Collaboration in the refurbishment of these materials, including their treatment and recycling, is important – not only because of the economic and social benefits that this brings to the locales, but also due to the fact that this a business model with strong environmental advantages.

Consequently, during the rehabilitation and renovation process of the bridge which was carried out successfully on behalf of Teixeira Duarte, a total of approximately 380 tons of steel units were removed from the bridge and temporary support structure, in addition to 1,000 tons from trusses and towers mounted beneath the central span, for the purpose of supporting the bridge during replacement of the eyebolt beams.

According to the State Civil Defense Force, requests for the rehabilitation of 650 bridges have already been received. In an article from the source “NDMais”, it is stated that the refurbishment of these materials for the recovery process can represent a savings of R$ 35 million for the State.

We remind you that the public reopening of the Hercilio Luz Bridge is scheduled for December 30 at 10 AM, also initiating a series of events and commemorations which shall take place until January 5.