Detalhes do Projeto


Client: Fundação Vale do Rio Doce de Seguridade Social – Valia
Location: Av. Graça Aranha, 26, Centro, Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brasil
Conclusion year: 2018


Execution of simple and executive projects in all felds of expertise, its approval together with relevant authorities (City Hall, Fire Brigade, GEM, CEG, Light, CEDAE), and the execution of fnishes and installations of air-conditioning, electricity, hydraulics, sewage, rainwater, reuse water, fre prevention and fghting, fuel gas, stair pressurization, special fttings, building automation and elevators. Building area of 23.332 square meters, distributed by 25 floors, in which two are underground floors intended for garage parking / technical areas / warehouses; ground floor intended for reception / entrance hall / shops / many rooms; 1st to 20th floors intended for entrance hall / offces / technical rooms / meeting rooms; 21st floor intended for technical installations (tanks / AGC / fre / machine room with elevators / substations) and 22nd floor intended for standby generators.
Main services:
– Floor coatings: 24,070 square meters
– Wall coatings: 11,000 square meters
– Ceiling coatings: 3,645 square meters
– Restoration of stone facades: 3,450 square meters
– Restoration of glass cladding facades: 6,500 square meters
– Hydraulic installations (drinking water supply, reuse water, sewage, and rainwater)
– Water treatment plant
– Installation of frefghting: extinguishers, sprinkler e hydrants
– Installation of fuel gas
– Gas detection system
– Power Substation of 3,000 Kva
– Power generation system: 2 generators of 1.250 Kva
– LPS system
– Access control system: 113 controlled points
– CCTV system: 113 chambers
– Telephony systems: 87 IP extensions
– Structured cabling system: 10 Racks, 720 points served
– Stair pressurization system
– Climatization system: cold water with 1.050 TR (3 chillers of 350 TR) and VRF with 60 TR (1st underground and ground floor)
– CO control system in garages
– Automatic fre detection system: 1,055 detectors
– Elevators: 7 elevators with 1.190 kg of capacity each
– Automation: building supervision and controlling system for climatization, generators, no-breaks, gauges, ETAC, electrical installations, substation, fre, access control, CCTV), in a total of 1,722 points controlled