Detalhes do Projeto


Client: Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus
Location: Avenida Presidente Getúlio Vargas nº 177, Rua João Negrão nº 1510,
Rua Engenheiro Rebouças nº 1600 e Rua Piquiri nº 53 – Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil

Conclusion year: 2017


Geotechnical Works: Construction of a Diaphragm Wall with 4 anchor levels (6,120m² / 7,212 m) and Excavation.
Building Works (41,000m²): Construction of Direct Foundations, Concrete Structure, Steel Structure, Roofs, Waterproofng, Enclosures and Plastering, Finishes, Electrical and Hydraulic Installations, Air Conditioning and Special Facilities, Landscaping and Signage.