Detalhes do Projeto


Owner: Banco de Moçambique
Site: Av. Consiglieri Pedroso / Av. Samora Machel / Av. 25 de Setembro – Maputo – Mozambique
Conclusion year: 2018


This contract refers to the construction of three buildings, comprising the following:


Office building: Construction of building with 2 basements and 30 floors high, for the extent and continuity of the office area of the headquarters building of the Bank of Mozambique, currently existing, including office areas, operating rooms and computer security, meeting rooms meeting, vault and area of treatment for values​, with a total building area of 25 900 m2.

Silo Car: Construction of building with 2 basements and 20 floors high with mixed functionality, comprising a parking area over 14 floors high, area offices, services, auditoriums, conference rooms, gyms, play areas, restaurants, technical areas, and a helipad, with a total floor area of 56 000 m2.


Technical pole: building with 8 floors high, including an area of fuel tanks, water tanks, electric panels, electric energy stabilizers, power generating groups, technical areas, pumping groups, chillers and cooling towers, intended to serve the Bank complex, including the existing headquarters building, comprising a construction area of 5 600 m2.


Implantation area    4 470  m2

Gross building area    87 500  m2

Volume demolition   20 140  m3

Excavation volume    50 340  m3

Steel rod    5 554  ton

Concrete    38 021  m3

Formwork    170 537  m2

Masonry    27 030  m2

Glass facades     8 600  m2

Façade aluminium     5 500  m2

Façade grids     4 500  m2

Coating flooring      91 005  m2

Coating walls and ceilings    109 958  m2

Waterproofing      8 500  m2

Tubing plumbing     8 700  ml

Paintings   149 328   m2