Last Saturday, September 24th, Eng. Pedro Pereira Coutinho Teixeira Duarte was honored at a solemn ceremony promoted by the Board of Directors of the Southern Region of the Order of the Engineers (BDSR).

During the ceremony, Eng. Pedro Teixeira Duarte received the Order of the Engineers (OE) gold medallion from its Bastonary, Eng. Fernando Almeida Santos, as well as a commemorative plaque offered by the President of BDSR, Eng. Luís Machado. The awards were given after the presentation of a biographic video produced for this occasion.

Eng. Pedro Teixeira Duarte thanked everyone for this distinction, and concluded his speech with a reference to Teixeira Duarte’s Mission: “I’d like to show my gratitude to God and to everyone that accompanied me throughout my 104 years, who, with their efforts, contributed towards the construction of a better world”.

The ceremony took place in the Camões Theatre, in Lisbon, on the occasion of Southern Region Engineer’s Day celebrations. The ceremony also included the attribution of seniority diplomas to OE Members, as well as the attribution of the Young Engineer Innovation Prize.