Detalhes do Projeto

Dengue Vaccine Laboratory

Client: Fundação Butantan
Location: Avenida Vital Brasil, 1.500 – Butantã – São Paulo / SP – Brasil
Conclusion year: 2018 


Acquisition of materials and contracting of services for the construction of Phase II of the Dengue Vaccine Laboratory in building 1021 (Dengue Laboratory) and building 1413 (STA13) of the Butantan Institute, according to the following items:
a) Supply of materials and construction of partitions, lining and fnishes of clean rooms of biocontainment with classifcation grades B + NB2, B, C + NB2, C, D and CNC.
b) Supply of materials for assembly of HVAC systems in accordance with Brazilian and international standards to comply with biocontainment laboratory certifcations with ANVISA standard.
c) Supplies and assembly of Industrial Cold Chambers in accordance with Brazilian standards ABNT and the regulations of public agencies, as well as RDC17 – Good Practices for the Manufacture of Medicines, ANVISA and ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering).
d) Automation of eight HVAC and Door Interlock systems according to GAMP5,FDA (CFR 21 Part 11) and ANVISA (RDC 17) standards, regarding electronic records and electronic signatures.
e) Installation and assembly of the telecommunications infrastructure (Data, Telephony, CCTV and Access Control).
f) Electrical distribution and power installations for lighting, outlets and electrical equipment.
g) Installations and assemblies of Fire Detection System.
h) Installations and assemblies of Fire Fighting System.
i) Analysis of conceptual projects and implementation of detailed projects for construction of all topics mentioned above.