Detalhes do Projeto


Client: Puertos del Alba, S.A.
Location: Puerto de la Guaira – Estado Vargas – Venezuela
Conclusion Year: 2015


This project included the execution of marine works for the expansion and modernisation of an existing port. These involved the construction of a new container terminal (West Pier), in reinforced concrete with extension of 690 metres for the docking of “Post-Panamax” ships, built on 1200 mm diameter and 32.0 m depth piles and underwater depth of -15.20 m.

Construction of a containers storage yard, with all the infrastructures and paving with cobblestones, with a building area of 154 900 m2.
Construction of office building, gatehouses, social buildings, transforming power station building with the total area of 1 900 m2.
Construction of central workshop for port management equipment maintenance with an area of 3,900 m2 and an area of 50 000 m2 for truck parking.
They area also included the execution of electrical installations, water supply, safety systems and firefighting system.
The contract job included the supply and installation of the port management equipment required to operate the new terminal.

Relevant data:

Total dredging volume: 950 000 m3
Breakwater volume TOT: 310 000 m3
Volume of protection with rock filling: 55 000 m3
Volume of landfill: 850 000 m3
Demolitions: 50 000 m3
1200 mm diameter piles (465 un): 14 000 ml
Structural concrete: 40 095 m3
Structural steel: 5 000 000 kg
Electrical infrastructures and draining: 11 900 ml

Total construction area: 175 000 m2
Total area taken from the sea: 106 000 m2
Containers storage yard: 154 900 m2
Truck parking: 50 000 m2
Port operation support facilities: 5 800 m2

Supply and installation of port equipment:

6 Ship to Shore (STS) cranes
15 RTG Cranes
2 Reach Stackers
6 empty front-end stacking trucks (9 ton)
32 Terminal tractors
40 Terminal platforms